Lowood sits at the southern end of the beautiful Somerset Region, 80km from Brisbane CBD, 45km from Esk, 30km from Ipswich and 8km from Fernvale. 

In the 2011 Census Lowood's population was 3145.

Lake Wivenhoe park  Lowood railway station 

Picturesque and Peaceful

Lowood is surrounded by picturesque farmland, meandering creeks and low rolling hills. Lockyer Creek passes through the district and joins the Brisbane River as it flows by Lowood from nearby Lake Wivenhoe.

In town there are many community services and clubs, a wide variety of businesses and shops and several leafy parks.

 Lowood Fernvale Pony Club  Lowood Park

History On Show

The area was settled from the 1860s and the town retains elements of its early character and charm. There are historic buildings from the 1880s to 1940s, interspersed with later buildings. 

Around the town are classic Queenslander-style houses and homes from every era since the 1890s, as well as several new estates.

 Cairn Hill creamery  Lowood Blacksmith

Relaxed Country Lifestyle

Some families have lived in the district for many generations and continue to enjoy all it has to offer.

Lowood is also popular with former city folks who have discovered a true 'tree change', with loads of clean country air, bright starry night skies, a friendly laid-back lifestyle and the natural beauty of this unspoilt region. 

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