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Cairn Hill Creamery (1897)

22 Park Street


Lowood district once had countless small family-run dairy farms and became renowned for quality dairy products . The first butter factory was the Lowood Dairy Company which opened 'two miles north of the town' in July 1890.

The Brisbane Courier reported, "One portion of the factory is to be used for butter making and the remainder for the manufacture of cheese. The factory has been started through the enterprise of Mr F.C. Emmett of Rosewood."

Lowood's first butter factory opened in 1890.Lowood's first butter factory opened in 1890.

Being the only dairy factory in the Lowood area, it was able to dictate how much - or how little - farmers got paid for their milk. This led to widespread discontent and farmers decided to take direct control by forming co-operative creameries.     

So in 1897-98 three dairy co-operatives were formed in Lowood, the largest was Cairn Hill Farmers Co-operative Company. 

Former Cairnhill Co-op Former Cairnhill Co-op

In November 1898 The Brisbane Courier reported that Cairn Hill was receiving 250 gallons of milk a day, for which it paid 3 pence per gallon.

Cairn Hill's manager, Harry Kitzelmann, reported that the Cairn Hill had processed 92,028 gallons (418,367 litres) of milk, sold 71,437lbs (32,400 kgs) of cream and made a profit of 1265 Pounds in 1900.

 In 1903 the co-op closed and  Harry Kitzelmann purchased the property. He added a fruit-shop and general store named "Kitzelmann's Store"..  

Profke's Store delivery bike c1926Profke's Store delivery bike c1926

In 1925 Kitzelmann retired and his son-in-law, Albert Profke, took over, naming his new enterprise "Profke's Store - The House of the People".

This delivery bike (left) dates from the 1920s. Profke retired in 1963 after 38 years in the business.

The building is now a private residence.