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First Post Office (1910)

85 Main Street


Lowood's first post and telegraph "Receiving Office" opened at Lowood Railway Station on 20 February 1885. The Station Master was paid an extra £10 a year to operate the service. 

Lowood Railway Station circa 1913Lowood Railway Station circa 1913

It wasn't until July 1910 that mail services were moved from the railway station to a custom-built shop at 85 Main Street.

In December 191 the town's first telephone exchange was installed. Initially there were only 17 local phone numbers.

Main Street Lowood circa 1912Main Street Lowood circa 1912PMG records from 1924 show that the Post Office rent was only 15 shillings a week but "...the present leased building is unsuitable." The PMG allocated £100 to buy land for its own building but it wasn't until 1936 that plans were approved for a new Post Office.

The new PO was built next door to the original, and included a modern telephone exchange and the town's first public phone. The Post Office operated there until February 2016.


Former first Post Office at 85 Main StFormer first Post Office at 85 Main St

The century-old first Post Office was used by many different businesses and for some years was a TAB.

The roof-top facade was replaced when the original was taken down after the telegraph wires were removed.

The building was significantly restored by its new owners for their popular acupunture and therapy centre.