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Kavanagh & Smith (c1905)

1 Walters Street

Around 1905 Matthew Kavanagh and William Smith set up their partnership. Kavanagh & Smith, auctioneers and commission agents, in this building.

In 1915 they added a soft drinks and cordial factory, after a similar business in Michel Street burned down. . 

Matthew Kavanagh, politician and businessmanMatthew Kavanagh, politician and businessman

Kavanagh was a prominent businessman and public official. He was Chairman of Walloon Shire Council until 1911, first Chairman of the new Lowood Shire Council in 1912-13 and, following its merger with Esk Shire, became an Esk councillor 1917-21.

In May 1924 a fire broke out under this building, which by then included the Marathon Cafe as well as Kavanagh & Smith's offices and the soft drink factory.

The Brisbane Courier reported how close the building came to burning down: "It was only the supreme efforts of some voluntary workers from a small circus encamped in view of the building, and a few townsmen, that saved the building from total destruction." 

Matthew Kavanagh died in 1924 and in 1930 his widow sold the building to John Walters.  In January 1931 a large fire in Railway Street destroyed some of Walters' properties, and the next day he relocated his tenant Retschlag's butchery to this building. 

When cordial maker Bill Klatt retired in 1935, Jake Goos began making inexpensive, quality soft drinks for the next 35 years. The factory closed on his retirement in 1970.  

Former Kavanagh & Smith buildingFormer Kavanagh & Smith buildingNote: The name and date on the building's facade are recent additions but are incorrect.

Although John Walters built and owned numerous businesses, shops and houses in Lowood, including the Jubilee Theatre next door, he didn't acquire this building until 1930. 

The building dates from about 1905-06 when it was built for Matthew Kavanagh.