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Lowood Memorial Grove

Prospect Street (near the Rail Trail)

Original 'Lex' Logan memorial treeOriginal 'Lex' Logan memorial treeIn May 2012 this large fig tree near Lowood High School Hall was cut down for safety reasons.

It was the last of four memorial fig trees planted in June 1945 at a special ceremony at Lowood State Rural School.

Known as the 'Lex Logan Memorial tree', it commemorated Lowood schoolteacher, Whitmore 'Lex' Logan. He had enlisted in the RAAF and became one of Australia's first WWII casualties in the Pacific, when his plane was shot down near Khota Bahru, British Malaya, on June 8, 1941. 

The three other trees had already been removed over the years. They commemorated three Lowood schoolchildren - Catherine Luck, Gordon Klass and Clyde Profke - who died in unrelated incidents that occurred between June 1940 and May 1941. 

Jeff Hewitt, Lowood History Group and Graeme Lehmann,Somerset Mayor Jeff Hewitt, Lowood History Group and Graeme Lehmann,Somerset Mayor To ensure this significant piece of Lowood history was not forgotten, Lowood History Group organised a special re-planting and re-dedication event involving members of the four families, Lowood High School and Lowood State School, RAAF personnel and Somerset Regional Council.

A site was chosen just a  short distance from the location of the original memorial trees and Lowood Memorial Grove was created.

Four replacement trees were planted in newly created gardens alongside a special black granite plaque by Somerset Regional Council. 

Lowood Memorial Grove was officially opened on Friday 7 June 2013, 68 years after the original ceremony at Lowood State Rural School

The new trees were planted by members of the four 'memorial families', along with two former pupils who had participated in the original ceremony at Lowood State Rural School in 1945. Lest We Forget.