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Nurse Burt's Private Hospital (c1907)

41 Prospect Street


Mrs Burt's was Lowood's first private hospital.Mrs Burt's was Lowood's first private hospital.British-born nurse Sarah Burt with husband Isaac and their children moved to Lowood about 1901.

Sarah began nursing in the Lowood district and established her hospital about 1907. Here she cared for maternity, accident and general patients.

The Queensland Times in February 1909 reported that following an accident "...Mr C. Litzow went to Mrs Burt's private hospital, Lowood, and was attended by Dr Heyman." 

Lowood's first Telephone Directory published in 1913 listed Burt's Private Hospital as number '6' of only 17 phones in Lowood.

When Sarah's daughters Kate and Jean qualified as nurses they joined their mother at the Lowood hospital.           

Sarah and Isaac Burt's five youngest children had been enrolled at Lowood State School in 1901-02. Three of their four sons enlisted in WW1 and Walter was killed in Belgium in 1917.

In 1918-19 Nurse Burt led Lowood's efforts to save returned soldiers with symptoms of Spanish flu which had swept across the world.

Although more people died during the worldwide pandemic than were killed in the First World War, Sarah and her daughters helped ensure that no locals died from the Spanish flu.  

In 1919 a housing sub-division in Peace Street was offered for sale by auction. Part of the auction poster (below) shows the location of the hospital and Dr Heyman's office in Prospect Street, with the Burt's family home next door. 


In December 1919 The Queensland Times reported that a special event was held in Lowood to honour and thank Nurse Burt, who had closed her hospital and retired to Brisbane (and later Kilcoy). 

The event recognised "...Nurse Burt's long and useful service to the people of Lowood town and the district, extending over a period of 18 years, and to her exceptionally hard work during the recent influenza epidemic."

Nurse Burt's former hospital is now a private residence.

(A second private hospital opened in Michel Street in the 1920s and was there until the 1950s. Lowood Medical Centre now occupies that site.)