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Produce Sheds (c1890-1915)

Railway Street 


Lowood railway yards c1900Lowood railway yards c1900There were many buildings clustered around Lowood station after the town developed into the district's transportation hub.

The first goods shed was built for the Railway Department by Worley & Whitehead soon after the station opened in 1884.

Others were added in the railway precinct and in Railway Street as the district became increasingly more productive.

Some buildings were used to store goods and others were where agents consigned produce to Brisbane and interstate markets. 

Large tonnages of freight were railed from Lowood every day. The single day record was 390 tonnes, set on 8th November 1945. 


Lowood Station c1913Lowood Station c1913A History of Queensland Railways states, "In October 1949 no less than 2,800 tonnes were consigned from Lowood in one month.

Special trains were common, shifting huge consignments of potatoes, onions and lucern."

Improvements in the quality of roads and heavy transport eventually reduced rail freight to uneconomic levels.

After serving Lowood for 105 years, the line was closed in 1989