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Railway Hotel (1884) / Club Hotel (1902)

Railway Street


Lowood Railway Station c1900Lowood Railway Station c1900When the railway opened in June 1884, The Brisbane Courier's local correspondent lamented Lowood's lack of facilities: "At present we have neither a store, hotel nor post office." 

Just six months later, on December 9 1884, Ipswich Magistrates Court granted licences for two new 'public houses' in Lowood.

In close succession, Michael Goos opened the Railway Hotel and Daniel O'Sullivan opened the Railway Terminus Hotel. 

The hotels were at either end of the track beside the railway precinct that later became Railway Street.


Lowood Hotel c 1930Lowood Hotel c 1930In March 1885 Daniel O'Sullivan sold the Railway Terminus Hotel to Hugh Mortimer. In February 1886, Mortimer advertised the hotel for sale "...with licence and goodwill, furniture optional, price absurdly low." 

In July 1886 new owner Samuel Jessop of the Railway Terminus Hotel renamed it Lowood Hotel. (Esk had become the line's new terminus).

Lowood Hotel was on the corner of Main Street where the service station is today. 


Club Hotel-Motel, Railway StreetClub Hotel-Motel, Railway StreetIn 1902 John Barlow bought the Railway Hotel and renamed it the Club Hotel.

The hotel and the new public hall he built in 1904 behind the hotel became known as "Barlow's". 

In 1910 F.W. Foster became the new owner and over the next century the hotel changed hands many more times.

Better known locally as "The Bottom Pub", the Club (Railway) Hotel has traded continuously since 1884, making it the town's oldest surviving business.