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Show Society Hall (1920)

Lowood Showgrounds, Station Street


Opening the first Lowood Show, 1907Opening the first Lowood Show, 1907In 1907 "The Lowood and Tarampa Pastoral and Agricultural Association" was formed. It later became Lowood Show Society and celebrated its centenary in 2007.

The original showground was situated on a government grant of 30 acres, formerly part of the old Tarampa Estate, near the railway at Clarendon.

Volunteers took only four months to clear the land, build a dam and erect fences and buildings. Shows were held there from 1907 to 1918.

 Lowood Show Hall c 1925Lowood Show Hall c 1925In 1919 the Show Society acquired the first 12½ acres of its present site in Station Street from C.H.D. Lindemann and shows have been held there ever since. 

Lindemann's former home became the first pavilion. 

The two storey Show Hall, with its special Crow's Ash dance floor, was completed in 1920 at a cost of about £700.

It was opened by Show Patroness Mrs Edith Lumley-Hill.


 Lowood Show Day, 1935Lowood Show Day, 1935In 1926 the newly-formed 'Lowood Picture Company' installed projection equipment in the Show Hall and movies were shown there before the town's first custom-built picture theatre opened in Railway Street around 1928.

Lowood's Show Hall has been a popular venue for dances, amateur theatre productions, card nights and numerous social and community activities.

At Lowood Show time it's also used for exhibits and the annual Show Ball.